Made from recycled plastic.
Picked up in the ocean.


Carry your board with style!
And a big pocket for everything you need


With love.
Support local business.

The world's first surf bag made of plastic found in the ocean.

Carry My Surf is the combination of practicality and environmental dedication.It's the world first surf bag, strong, resistant, handmade that will make your surf life easy and at the same time helps clean the ocean. It's been designed for you and all your favourite boards. It's been thought for all the sea life suffering from plastic.Because we care.
Because it's worth it.


Are you a longboarder? Somebody with shorter arms?
Do you find it challenging to carry the board to the spot?
Say no more! We created the perfect surf bag for all your surf trips!



What is recycled marine debris? What is the difference in recycling? What are our values?


Hello, I'm Marie.

I'm a SCUBA instructor, ocean, life and cheese enthusiast. One day, I discovered surfing. I absolutely loved it but quickly faced one little problem... carrying the surfboard to the surf spot!

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Carry my Surf. The Story.

Hello there! I'm Marie, a SCUBA instructor who is absolutely in love with surfing, water and life. But above all, my heart is deeply committed to protecting our beautiful oceans. The issue of plastic pollution has become a serious concern, with a staggering 12 million tons of plastic finding its way into the ocean each year. As a SCUBA instructor, I've unfortunately been witnessing firsthand the devastating impact it has on the marine life.During my surfing adventures, something caught my attention—a struggle faced by most of the surfers as they are trying to carry their heavy boards to the surf spots. It struck a chord within me, and I knew I had to do something to make their lives easier. But I didn't want to create just any bag; I wanted to make a bag that would truly make a difference. That's when the spark of inspiration ignited—I would craft it from the very plastic we collect from the ocean.Transforming a problem into a solution, while giving it a meaning for the planet, became my mission.

Let me share with you the incredible features of this innovative bag. It's astonishingly lightweight, weighing only 350 grams, making it a breeze to carry during all your travels.Using the bag is as easy as can be—simply lay it flat, place your board in the center, and effortlessly carry it like a fashionable handbag. And guess what? I've added a handy pocket where you can stash all your essentials. No more fumbling for keys, wax, phone. But that's not all! You can also conveniently tuck your wetsuit inside, saving you the hassle of putting it on before reaching your surf spot.Oh, and there's more! Inside the bag, you'll find sturdy straps crafted from recycled materials, ensuring your surfboards stay securely in place throughout your travels. These straps prevent any unwanted sliding in and out, giving you peace of mind. To prioritize your comfort, we've added shoulder pads to the straps, providing an enjoyable and pain-free carrying experience.However, the real essence of this bag lies in my deep concern for the planet. That's why these bags are meticulously handcrafted, supporting local businesses right here in Spain. But what truly sets them apart is that they're made from recycled marine plastic debris. I've joined forces with the amazing Seaqual Initiative, a brilliant community dedicated to retrieving plastic from the ocean. Through their innovative process, the rescued plastic is transformed into fibers, bringing our surf bags to life with a touch of magic.By purchasing one of these bags, you're not just making your surf life easier; you're actively participating in the crucial task of cleaning our oceans—one wave at a time.Feel free to explore our website or drop me a line at marie@carrymysurf.com if you have any questions. As we dive into full production, rest assured that saving the ocean is our top priority!See you out there, catching waves and making a positive impact,With love,

Environmental Dedication: Our Mission

WHY RECYCLING MARINE PLASTIC DEBRIS IS MORE CHALLENGING THAN CONVENTIONAL PLASTIC?Plastics that have been floating in the ocean endure the harsh effects of saltwater and UV rays. Once retrieved from the ocean, they require sorting, cleaning, and cutting before undergoing a gradual melting process to transform them into yarn.
We collaborate with the world's only NGO dedicated to recycling ocean-found plastic, converting it into fibers for our surf bags. This endeavor also involves providing employment opportunities to local communities for the recycling process.
While we could have opted for inexpensive imported fabric to reduce costs, it contradicts our principles. We genuinely care about the environment and aspire to aid the oceans. We advocate for making mindful choices rather than excessive consumption.
Our aim was to offer you the finest surf bag that considers the well-being of the ocean, all at an affordable price.
We take pride in declaring that each surf bag makes a significant impact.

Our objective: Establishing a brand dedicated to ocean preservation.The composition of your surf bag consists of 30% Seaqual Yarn and 70% Recycled PET.However, that's not all! We strive to reduce our environmental footprint in every facet of our endeavor.Sustainability poses a significant challenge for brands, but we make every effort to excel in terms of raw materials, packaging, and shipping. While the task is formidable, we continuously seek opportunities to improve even further.

Your surf bag will be delivered in a reusable cotton bag that is OEKO TEX certified, ensuring its environmental sustainability. This bag can be repurposed to store your swimsuit, wax, or any other essentials for your travels and surfing adventures! Additionally, our packaging envelopes are recyclable.
We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint in every aspect of our brand. While we understand your excitement to receive your product, we prioritize reducing carbon emissions over offering special express shipping. Therefore, we opt for regular posting times. Your surf bag will be delivered within 7 to 12 days. Remember, good things come to those who wait.
You can easily clean your surf bag in your favourite washing machine using your preferred detergent at a temperature of 30 degrees.
Our goal is to provide you with the finest surf bag for all your surfing sessions. We do not accept returns, but if any issues arise, please contact us at hello@carrymysurf.com, and we will respond as promptly as possible to resolve the matter.